The Cockroaches That Can Survive Frigid Temperatures!

January 1, 2018

One of the oldest and most resilient (and somewhat annoying) creatures to inhabit the planet; the Cockroach has graced our earth for over 300 million years! Cockroaches can withstand quite large variations in temperature, with all species being considered tropical, however despite how hardy these little blighters are, they can easily find themselves in trouble […]

Termite Extermination and Why you Need a Pro Exterminator To Do It

December 29, 2017

Termite infestation is a nuisance to your house, health, and your property value. What’s more annoying is the great difficulty in getting rid of these vexing invaders. This makes termite extermination one of the most sought-after pest Services in America. Identifying an infestation The first stage in treating a termite infestation is identifying the problem […]

Some Bugs Survive the Winter by Becoming Icicles

December 22, 2017

  When the temperatures are warm or hot, bugs are usually everywhere – from buzzing in your ear to circling your fruit bowl in the kitchen, disrupting your picnic, and crawling in the house at night. However, as the temperatures start to drop, the bugs start to disappear slowly, and by winter, they are nowhere […]

Warning Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Termites

October 4, 2017
While nobody ever wants to have termites in their home, learning to recognize warning signs will help prevent the problem.

Why Ant Control Should Be A Top Priority for South Florida Home Owners

September 30, 2017

There are a wide variety of pests always looking to find room and board in our South Florida homes. Ants, in particular, are a huge problem in this region. From White Footed ants to Pharoah ants and Ghost ants, not to mention Fire and Carpenter ants, the different types of species are almost too many […]

9 Pests That Commonly Infest Florida Homes

September 28, 2017

  Do you think that your house in South Florida is free from pests? there are higher chances that your home has more than one of the most common pests roaming around. Although the weather in South Florida is very conducive, the area is a home to some of the countries’ worst pests. Besides, the […]

Pest Control in Miami: Why hire a professional

May 8, 2017

  Sure, you might think those dust mites or love bugs are pesky, but have never hired a professional pest control company to take care of them. Living in Miami, FL, you are all too familiar with the mosquitoes, rodents, and those huge Palmetto bugs. Not only do they bring potential threats with them, and […]

Helpful Tips On How To Prevent Cockroaches

May 8, 2017

As humans we have a natural repulsion to cockroaches. Logically, it might not make sense to fear roaches.  Most cockroach and their bites only cause minor swellings and lesions. They also don’t feed directly on any of our blood, skin or fluids. However, cockroaches are not completely harmless. They can cause food contamination. These unsightly […]

Pyrethrum Spray; An Organic Pest Control Solution for Miami Homes

March 31, 2017

Pyrethrum is not term most people are familiar with, but it’s actually one of the oldest pesticides known to man. Made from the dried flowers of Tanacetum Cinerariifolium (white daisies), this organic pesticide can eliminate a wide variety of insects. Aside from its powerful pest control features, Pyrethrum also happens to be one of the […]

Tips For Spring Landscaping in South Florida

March 30, 2017

When spring is sprung in sunny Florida, many residents can’t wait to get back to landscaping. A bright, inviting landscape is one of the things that turns a house into a home. With a little bit of planning, you can create a space all your own that looks and feels like home. Here are our […]