PowerX Provides a Free Termite Inspection

Treatment – Upon inspection, we will work with you to decide the best treatment for your home or office.

Our work is guaranteed up to a year for qualifying treatments.

We provide dry-wood termite treatments which are less invasive & designed to concentrate on specific problem areas.

Tenting fumigation is another common solution we offer for commercial properties and houses to eradicate dry-wood termites.

Dry-wood termites can infest anything containing wood including fence posts, buildings, furniture and much more. The adult termites actually swarm year-round! Within a few years, a dry-wood termite colony can have thousands of termites; the colonies can have several generations per year, which is why their colonies can grow so big in such a small period of time.

Signs of an infestation:

  • Adult termites swarming near windows
  • Wings found on/near windows
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Surface blisters the wood
  • Small droppings varying in color


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