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There’s nothing better than seeing your beautiful Orlando landscape looking its best. There’s also nothing worse than some of the annoying pests that invade both our homes & yards. With PowerX, we ensure that your property—both inside and outside—has the ultimate protection!

Home Pest Control

Small & large pests alike can do a lot of damage to your landscape. PowerX starts with a free analysis of your entire property to get the best recommendation for a customized fertilization & pest control plan. We ensure your property is protected and looking its best all year round.

Furry Creatures: Raccoons. Possums. They’re cute when they are not on your property! PowerX trained technicians will safely relocate these animals to their natural habitats within 24 hours of your call or email request!

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How To Know When You Need A Pest Control Expert At Your Home

One of the most prominent professionals that you can have in any community is a pest control expert. These are individuals that understand how to find, identify, and ultimately remove or eliminate pests that are on your property. When many people think of a past, they often think only of insects such as ants, spiders, or termites. However, many other types of tests may originate from the surrounding woods, such as raccoons or squirrels, that may be infiltrating your property. There are certain things to consider when trying to decide whether or not you need to have a pest control expert come out to your home.

What Type Of Pest Can They Handle?

Pest control professionals handle a wide range of problems. This may include ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, stink bugs, cockroaches, and also termites. If you have rats or mice in your home, they can come out to your location to find and eliminate them. You may also have larger pest problems that may come in the form of skunks, porcupines, deer, antelope, and a wide range of other quadrupeds. Once they come out, they can identify what pest is on your property and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

What Is The Most Common Type Of Pest On A Property?

Although there are many different types of pests that you may have on your property, one of the most common is called the termite. These are insects that will crawl up from the ground, burrow into your household, and may even compromise the integrity of your entire structure. The number in the billions in any given area, and they feed upon cellulose-based material. Since that is what most modern homes are made of, it is quite common for a pest control company to be sent out to millions of homes throughout the world.

How To Know When You Need One Of These Professionals

There are several reasons why you may finally decide it is time to hire one of these exterminators. First of all, the main reason that people react is that they determined that the problem is extremely serious. Second, you may have tried to eliminate this problem on your own. However, despite your efforts in setting traps, or using store-bought pesticides, they are coming back even stronger. Finally, you may determine that the number of pests, and the type of pests, that you have merits a visit from an exterminator to protect your family.

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