Pest Control & Defense

There’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy, vibrant Florida landscape. There’s also nothing more annoying than some of the pesky pests that invade both our yards and our homes. With PowerX, you can be sure that your property—both inside and outside—has the ultimate protection.

Indoor Pest Control

Whether you have a residential or commercial property that needs indoor pest control, PowerX can take care of it. Our professionally trained and certified technicians will conduct a detailed assessment of any pest control issue you’re currently experiencing, then treat it with the safest and most effective products available.

Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control

Small pests can do big damage to a beautiful landscape. PowerX will conduct a free analysis of your property and recommend a customized pest control and fertilization program that will protect your property and keep it looking its absolute best all year round.

Rodent Control

Mice and rats are un-welcomed Florida residents. And, unfortunately, they can easily become un-welcomed visitors in your home or residential property—accessing it through small holes or open doors. PowerX can eliminate this pest problem and we can establish a protective barrier around the perimeter of your property to keep rodents away.

Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps aren’t just an annoyance. They can also become extremely dangerous when they begin to swarm and nest near your property. Getting rid of them can be challenging at best. PowerX technicians are trained to safely remove bee and wasp nests so that you can enjoy your property without worry.

Small Animal Trapping

Raccoons. Possums. Other furry creatures. They’re cute—until they’re in your trash cans, eating your plants, or trying to get into your house. PowerX trained technicians can safely relocate these animals to their natural habitats within 24 hours of your call or email request.

Make PowerX Your Partner for Complete Lawn Nutrition + Pest Control.

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